oSa Certificate

TUV Rheinland






Type 11 & 1103

They are designed for coarse and fine grinding of different materials such as steel, cast iron, cast steel, concrete, stone, terrazzo, ceramic, steel structures such as joints, castings, railway tracks, the surface of terrazzo, concrete leveling.
Grinding work with manual grinders leading, angular-powered pneumatic and electric, with drivable grinders and grinding units.
They are used for surface grinding, welding, casting and rails:
  • grain 95A for steel,
  • grain 98C for cast iron, concrete, terrazzo and natural stone.

Type  11

Maximum operating speed
40 m/s

Type  1103

Maximum operating speed
50 m/s

Type of production 11
Diameter [mm] Height [mm] Hole [mm]
110 55 22,23
110 70 22,23
Type of production 1103
Diameter [mm] Height [mm] Hole [mm]
100 55 M14
110 55 M14
110 70 M14 lub 5/8”
125 50 M14 lub 5/8”
150 50 M14 lub 5/8”