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About us

TECHNIFLEX Sp. z o.o. is a recognized Polish manufacturer of abrasive discs under the brand Incoflex. Thanks to modern technologies, effective management and the full support of our qualified personnel, we have gained the confidence of a broad group of customers.

Our portfolio also includes high quality abrasive tools for cutting and grinding discs, designed for various user groups from individual to industrial customers. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent safety standards. The goal of our company is to meet all customer’s expectations, which is why apart from the standard offer, we carry out non-standard orders, such as tools for specialized applications. In addition to the production of our brand Incoflex, we also offer customer’s cooperation in the production of abrasive discs under the customer’s own brand. Private labels are produced according to separate rules agreed with the sales department.

The main goal of Techniflex Sp.z o.o is the introduction of domestic and foreign high-quality abrasive products that meet the highest safety standards. The products of our company are manufactured based on own technologies and ensuring the protection of our environment. The plant also has a specialized staff trained sales, which take care of the service pre- and post-sales.