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Can I cut for metal grinding wheel stone?

On each wheel there is information about on its use and these recommendations should be followed. The grinding wheel has been designed to be able to effectively and most importantly safe can cut the material. The grinding wheel can be damaged due to improper its application. (see under "Product Identification", "Selection guide").

Can I make partially the used the wheel "230" on the grinder adapted for discs with diameter 180 mm?

I understand that we have to deal with the grinding wheel the used and we want to be mounted on a grinder (with less cover) which will enable us to continue the work of the grinding wheel.
I note that on each abrasive disc contains information with which maximum speed can work. If you mount the wheel on the machine's speed is higher than declared on the disc may be damaged wheel.

Can you use discs beyond the expiration date?

You can not use discs after beyond the expiration date.

Is it possible to cut the grinding wheel to grind?

On each wheel should be about restrictions apply. If the disc is a pictogram on the Prohibition of grinding, categorically must comply with that information. (see under "Product Identification") 

Can you use the wheel slightly damaged or where we suspect that it is damaged?

You may not use damaged wheels. Even the suspicion of damage (eg. The collapse of the wheel, poor storage) disqualifies the grinding wheel. (see under "Safe use").